DIY Rubbermaid Container Pond

The sound of a gurgling bubbling brook is just one of my favorites. Sadly not all of us live in the country or have a river next door. Regardless, every backyard needs a water feature! They aren’t as hard to make as you might think. Take this one, featured at Diply. It is very easy to make and I’m excited to feature it here today. It’s not going to take […]

Clever Gardening Tips And Tricks

Gardening. Blech. I love having a beautiful garden but hate all the work that goes into making and keeping it pretty. I tend to call my mom when I need busy work done around the yard. Playing in the dirt and sun makes her happy. I do need to develop my own skill set though. This roundup from Cute DIY Projects has 50 garden tips perfect for improving your skills. […]

These Broken Pot ‘Fairy Gardens’ Are The Perfect Touch Of Whimsy

Do you believe in fairies? I hope so! Everyone needs some magic and fantasy in their life. I fall more in love with each whimsical fairy garden that I see. They are so precious. They make me feel like a little kid and take me back to when anything was possible. Wimp has gathered up a fabulous roundup of beautiful little gardens. If you are thinking about making a garden […]

14 Passionately Designed and Impeccably Crafted Ultimate Outdoor Living Furniture

The main idea is to feel comfortable and at easy in your home, garden, balcony, terrace or work-space, and that is why the design and the functionality of the furniture we used to organize our space is of great importance. Summer is here and finally it is the perfect period of the year to completely relax and enjoy the sun rays, the view and the smell of the nature with […]

Awesome River Rock Garden Decorations

Having a house and a big garden takes a lot of dedication for cleaning and decorating it.Everyone wants a well decorated garden so some people are spending lots of money paying people to take care of their gardens.So, in this article we are going to give you some wonderful ideas to decorate your garden, to turn it from a boring garden into a relaxing beautiful oasis. A wonderful and timeless […]

Outstanding Backyard Landscaping Ideas Gazebos In The Landscape

Since you’ve arranged your house interior, it’s time to take some care of your backyard!A well arranged backyard has a great contribution to the entire look of your house and even the street.You’ve got some unused space, but you’ve got no idea what could you do to fill the space, and make a better appearance to your place. Here is a suggestion, what do you think about putting a cute […]